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Resources for Newcomers

To those that are newcomers to this site, it will be very helpful for you to check out our FAQ's page - as there is a considerable amount of valuable information located there. For example, a common question that we get asked here at MiniFlex is "What is the difference between a MiniFlex 2Mic and a pickup?" - the answer which will be found on the FAQ's page.

A second great resource is our Support page. On this page you will find user reviews, support documents, and YouTube videos of others demonstrating our products. In particular, the document entitled, "How to Choose the Right 2Mic Model" is great for those that are considering the purchase of one of our 2Mic products.

Another is the guitarist "Martin Tallstrom" who provides a number of very interesting YouTube videos, one which is entitled, "First test of MiniFlex 2Mic Model 1". At 0:52, you will be able to hear the dry sound of the MiniFlex Model 1 and which will give you an accurate assessment of the sound quality of this incredible product.
Note: As you will discover, Martin is an incredibly versatile and accomplished guitarist.

Another video, "MiniFlex 2Mic model 2 - test on nylon stringed guitar" demonstrates the output potential of the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 2. As Martin states, "Works really well and sounds very true to my ears. No EQ used. Various amounts of reverb added."

So, for the newcomers - click a link or two, and enjoy what we have to offer you here at MiniFlex 2Mic!

Artist Update: Alexander Anderson...

"Whatever your amplification needs...at MiniFlex - we make you sound authentic!"