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28 years ago, in January of 1989, MiniFlex microphones moved out of my garage and into the limelight of the NAMM show...the annual January trade event sponsored by the National Association of Music Marketing in Anaheim CA. At that moment in time, I was just a luthier who had successfully installed a miniature microphone inside a client's Martin D-28 guitar. Many experiments and prototypes followed, which eventually led to the very first MiniFlex Mic being sold to friends and customers in late 1988. Exhibiting MiniFlex Microphones at the 1989 NAMM show proved to be a life changing - and career changing moment.

And it was at the NAMM show in 1995 that I first met Pierre Bensusan when he was doing an after hours performance for Lowden guitars, the wonderful guitars which he has endorsed for so many years. Pierre was immediately interested in our MiniFlex microphones, but unfortunately, the single mic systems which we sold at that time could not provide the tone quality and feedback rejection that Pierre needed for his recordings and performances. Those single mic MiniFlex systems were good - but simply not good enough for Pierre.

But, by late 2017, through the intervention of Dell Krauchi, a good friend in British Columbia, I was re-connected with Pierre, and was able to personally demonstrate to him our premier new 2Mic product - the Model 7. Pierre was more than impressed, and agreed to have me immediately install a Model 7 into his main Lowden guitar, which he performed with later that night at "Freight and Salvage" located in Berkeley CA.

Now, in January 2018, with another NAMM show just around the corner, it is a moment to both reflect, and celebrate, the fascinating pathway of MiniFlex microphones through my life and career. There is a sense of completion that I want to recognize, both for the 2Mic products we have created, and for finally bringing to an artist, such as Pierre, a real solution for his acoustic amplification needs.

To put this celebration into a tangible form - we are now offering a one time NAMM special show price for the Model 7 when purchased directly from our MiniFlex website. I want to emphasize that this is a limited time offer - not likely to be repeated.

So, please come join in the celebration, and let yourself hear the authentic natural sound quality - all without feedback, that you will experience from the MiniFlex Model 7 2Mic.

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