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Our sleeker, lighter, easier to install, and all-around easier to use MiniFlex 2Mic Model 4.

Normally, the complete Model 4 package sells for $345.00, and which includes the following:

• The complete MiniFlex 2Mic Model 4 assembly
• An EPS-1 power supply
• An EPS-2 power supply
• A Stereo Y cable
• An installation tool
• A 1/4”-XLR adapter

This complete Model 4 package provides a guitarist with every possible feature for performing or recording. The natural sound of the 2Mic can be combined with a separate pickup and have both signals exit the guitar via a single end pin jack in the tail block. The two MiniFlex power supplies produce either a phantom powered mic level signal - using the EPS-2, or a battery powered line level signal - using the EPS-1. Plus the tip-ring wiring of the output jack can be easily reversed if so desired by the guitarist, and the stereo Y cable provides a discreet output from the guitar with separation for the 2Mic and pickup signals.

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New Support Document: Advice to Professional Sound Engineers

This document provides helpful information on the setup of the complete package for the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 4.
As you will discover in this article, the complete Model 4 has the two most important output options available for using an on board mic system...line level signal, or mic level signal.

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Featured Guest: Luthier Ric Hollander

Ric Hollander is a luthier based in New York and has recently pruchased a MiniFlex 2Mic Model 4 - and has the following comments to share with us:

Hi Ken,

I was able to install your model 4 Miniflex2 mic system in one of my guitars yesterday and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. As you know, I am using a Barbera Solist as my main pickup and I was looking for a way to amplify percussive, body taps. In addition, I was hoping to find a system that would work well with the Soloist, run on phantom power and operate with a single TRS output from the guitar. Your Model 4 was the perfect compliment to the Soloist and after making a simple Y cable I was able to connect and power your system from a Headway EDB-1 preamp. A little tweaking of the mic positions and I was able to dial in the right amount of mic sound to not only add the percussive tones I was after but I was able to add a nice touch of airiness that completed the sound. I also reversed the polarity so that the mics work off the ring. This allows me the option of always being able to using the Soloist (which is passive) using a standard instrument (TR) cable. I will be adding your Model 4 as an option on the guitars I build.

I am very pleased with the results I was able to achieve and look forward to trying out the system in a larger performance venue.

Thanks for making an awesome product!

Note: Here is a picture of Ric with one of his guitars – "The Grand Orchestral", which includes the installation of the MiniFlex 2Mic Model 4 along with the Barbera Soloist. You can view Ric's website here.

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