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Web Site Changes and Updates

Over the next few weeks, there will be a number of major changes and updates to the MiniFlex Web site and we are just giving you a "heads-up" regarding these changes. The reasons for these changes is to so that we may be able to provide you with the best product information and services that are available.

So, stay tuned...

"Featured Artist Series"

Beginning this month, we will be also featuring various artists who both use and endorse our MiniFlex 2Mic line of products. This month, we feature "Nermin Selmanovic".

Please see our Artists page for more information.

If you would like to be featured here, please contact us for further information.

"The New Model 16b"

The Model 16b - studio series for banjo, is a quick mount 2Mic that "has it all". Specifications for the Model 16b are the same as for our new Model 3 quick mount for guitar - only the mounting mechanism is different. For the Model 16b, we use our studio series mics with the widest & flattest frequency response, and include the option to create a mono line level signal, or a balanced XLR mic level signal.

    (Regular Price: $485.00)

Note: Sale ends December 8th, 2015 - So order yours TODAY!!!

New Support Document: "How to Choose the Right 2Mic Model"             

Most "common knowledge" within the music industry for amplifying acoustic guitars applies to pickups, which have been used to amplify guitars for over 70 years. Using on-board - or close mic installation of microphones is only about 30 years old, so knowledge within the music industry is still catching up to advance of microphone technology represented by the 2Mic design. When "pickup logic" is used to process a 2Mic signal, sometimes the end result can be disappointing. But when "microphone logic" is applied, the 2Mic will perform spectacularly.

This document will provide some basic information about how microphones and pickups operate. More important there is specific information about the 2Mic, so that you can apply "2Mic logic" to how you use your MiniFlex and get fantastic results in every application.

"Whatever your amplification needs...at MiniFlex - we make you sound authentic!"